The finance department is responsible for the City’s budget.

You may view the Fiscal Year the current and proposed budgets:

2022-2023 Budget

2023-2024 Budget

2024-25 Proposed Budget

The budget has three primary functions.

1. LEGAL FUNCTION:  The budget is an authorization to spend in the form of a series of appropriations.

2. POLITICAL FUNCTION: The budget is a process for allocating scarce resources. Decisions about how much public money will be raised and what it will be spent for are essentially political. This is reflected in the fact that the adoption of the budget is done by an elected body, and after a public hearing.


3. MANAGEMENT FUNCTION: The budget is adopted in sufficient detail to define a set of expectations or goals. The amount and quality of each city service is defined and an amount of money is appropriated. The service and related budget are then monitored to see that the service is in fact being provided as expected and that the rate of expenditure is such that the appropriation will be sufficient to provide the service at the expected level for the entire fiscal year.