Where is the Department of Municipal Services located?

The DMS facility located at 1231 Goldsmith, which is east of Sheldon and south of M-14 at the north side of the City.

Where is Riverside Cemetery located?

The cemetery is located at 680 Plymouth Road behind the 35th District Court and Massey Field.  The office is located at 1231 Goldsmith.

How do I buy a grave, niche or crypt? Or find a burial?

Please call the DMS office at 734-453-7737 ext. 0 to arrange a meeting with the cemetery sexton, who will meet you at the cemetery to review availability and pricing. To find a burial site, call the DMS office.  We will check our database for any available information.

I’m moving. How can I get a final water bill sent to me?

Please request a final water bill by submitting an online request at 

Why was my water bill estimated?

We were not able to get a remote read from the water meter inside your home.  Please contact the office to schedule a water meter repair/replacement appointment.

What if there is water in my basement?

If there’s water in your basement coming from a floor drain, call the office and the City can check the main sewer line out in the street and direct you on possible next steps.

Who maintains the tree in the boulevard in front of my house?
The City’s street tree program covers all trees located in the right-of-way.  Please visit our tree page  for details on street trees.

How do I get my brush pile picked up?

Brush is chipped throughout the year. More information about the brush pick up program is available on that page of our website.

When will my leaves be picked up?

Bulk leaves are picked up from the curb from October through early December based on the schedule found on our website. Leaves may be placed in a Kraft bag for compost pickup from April through November on your regularly scheduled solid waste pickup day.

How do I report that my trash/recycling/compost was missed?

Please call the DMS office as soon as you notice.  We will contact the contractor to get it picked up for you.

How can I dispose of trash that doesn’t fit in my brown cart?

Bring it to our office at 1231 Goldsmith for a volume-based fee or place it next to your cart in a green City trash bag, which can be purchased for $3 per bag.  Large item special refuse tags can be purchased at the DMS office.  The office accepts cash and check only.

My street is flooding. What steps can I take to help the water drain?

Begin with checking the catch basins on your street (sewer grates).  Debris such at leaves or sticks get clogged on top of catch basins, causing a backup.  Use a rake to pull the debris away from the grate.

When will my street be snowplowed or salted?

The City begins plowing streets when there is four inches of snow.  Crews begin with emergency routes, school routes and dangerous hills and curves before heading to residential streets.  Please visit our snow and ice page  for details.